Camel leather charpoy

Caravan of Furniture

The Swat Valley in Pakistan has become famous for all the wrong reasons of late. It’s a pity because this area of northern Pakistan is a natural paradise of lush forests, fruit orchards and glades covered in flowers during summer. The air is crisp and the surrounding peaks are stunning. While nature and the hospitality of Swat’s inhabitants should make it famous, it could just as well be the wood carving.

The traditional social role of the wood-carver in Swat is recounted in a folk tale about a ‘carpenter prince’, the son of a Swati king who wanted nothing more than to learn carpentry. He ignored his family’s expectation to engage in a more princely interest, such as gemstones. But he insisted on learning to carve wood and was exiled by his father. But soon, due to conflict (something Swat Valley is not unaccustomed to!), the king and his family flee. They become penniless, wandering about. One day they came across a marvelous carved wooden house whose owner proves to be the exiled son. The king admitted then that perhaps learning a trade like wood carving was not so bad a plan after all!

Chests & Trunks

Our recent container from Pakistan contained a beautiful collection of carved wooden chests from the carpenters of Swat Valley. It is not easy getting up to those parts recently, threats from extremist militants remain high. My business partner Michael Prato is one of the few men daring enough to go shopping among the carpenters of Swat nowadays, although I can’t wait to get back there myself. The risks involved in sourcing in that area makes these vintage wooden chests all the more special and rare. Indeed, these trunks are all decades old and have stories of survival and wonder etched into the wood. Swat Valley families historically store their valuables in these chests and take them wherever they move. It’s a tradition in Pakistan (and indeed around the whole of Central and South Asia) for a family to keep their possessions in a chest. But in the Swat, these chests are truly amazing! We have several at our home and I think they look stunning when cleaned up and beeswaxed.

Swati chests are distinctive and cannot be sourced elsewhere. Look for the pieces which use no nails, some of the oldest pieces available. The carving ranges from the naïf to highly detailed motifs. These motifs have been handed down over centuries. The selection of eight chests/trunks at Kaspia’s Caravan is all different sizes and shapes with their own unique carving. You can choose to keep them rustic as they come, or we can clean them up and stain them to bring out their rich beauty. Prices range from $250 


Cupboard from Swat
Also from Swat is this gorgeous cedar wood cupboard with carved front doors (must come in to see them!) and plenty of storage inside. It is the only one we have so be quick. Won’t last!

Camel leather chairs

Swati chairs
There are several vintage Swat Valley chairs left and each is at least 30 years old and in impeccable shape. The intricately carved backrests are great examples of the Swati aesthetic. All their camel leather ties are in good condition and these also look superb when stained. If they don’t sell, I’m keeping them!

Charpoy rope beds

Charpoy leg
Within a week we have sold all but two of our popular Pakistani rope beds known and charpoys. We have one outside our own house in Birchgrove and recline on it all the time with our children. Pakistanis (and Indians for that matter) are experts at making beautiful beds like this. We have some lush mattresses and bolsters for these too so you can really feel like you’re an Ottoman emperor! The only charpoy we have left is a vintage one, my favorite, woven with durable camel hide and stained. It looks superb. Moreover, this particular charpoy was used in Russell Crowe’s directorial debut ‘The Water Diviner’, out now at a cinema near you! Price $1200

Coffee tables

Coffee tables
We have just two of these lovely coffee tables left in stock, and I never realized just how incredible they look on a nice tribal rug or wooden floorboards. At our home, we have one of these, in our lounge room, and it’s just the perfect height and shape, the design details adding an irresistible orientalist charm to the room. We can arrange for these to be stained too if you’d like to bring out the character of the wood.

Antique Doors & Arches

The carpentry tradition of the Swat Valley does not stop at furniture. In fact, the first carpenters were more interested in making doors and window arches look as fancy as they could. Many of these old buildings are falling down, and we are doing our bit to prevent these marvelous works of art being used as firewood. I can’t tell you just how spectacular these doors and window frames look once they are beautifully stained. Let’s just say, if you have space, come in and choose the best one before they all sell out. These doors and frames make for stunning display pieces in a spacious and beautiful home.

Balinese Day Bed

What can I say about this day bed apart from ‘I want it!’. Here is the ultimate in bohemian luxury, a four-poster day bed from Bali. I’ve had incredible fun making and decorating this bed every day in the shop. It is truly stunning, so much so that I’ve made it the centerpiece of the whole place. Heap up pillows, hang flower tendrils from the cross beams, this bed has a thousand possibilities. It can easily be taken apart and reassembled in your villa. Bring a bit of tropical luxury to your home. Or, as my husband often says, ‘Live life like a holiday!’