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COMPLETE PAD is an exotic world of handcrafted treasures from the collections of intrepid stylists and her partners at AFGHAN INTERIORS. Inhabiting the beautiful Garden Life showroom, Kaspia has transformed the space in a manner inspired by the cut-outs of artist Henri Matisse. After many years traversing the Far East, Kaspia believes you too can easily bring the romance of distant outposts to your home. Her wares include a superb selection of Afghan tribal rugs, Himalayan furniture, village baskets, unique gypsy fashions, textiles and the rarest jewels of the Nile.

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Complete PAD

They camped with me. They crossed borders with me. I still like spaghetti from a tin. But I also developed a very early appetite for adventure, discovery and learning about ways other people in the world spend their days, decorate their living spaces and adorn themselves.

We embarked on many exciting travels, from motorbike journeys across Indian deserts, to daring escapades on the Pakistani frontier. Now we are happy to say our young daughter Paloma and son Romeo already have dozens of stamps peppering the pages of their passports.

Anthropology is not just for academics. By way of journal entries and Instagram images, I hope to share with you my ‘travels in style’, my exploration of the varied ways in which humans express themselves in their environments and through personal beautification. I also hope to encourage those who hesitate to travel with young children, that it’s not only possible to take them with you, but despite the challenges the experience can be truly amazing and one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them.